Angel Program

Northland Players supports itself through show revenue, member dues, small grants and donations. The pandemic has, of course, reduced our show revenue to zero, which usually covers about half our fixed yearly expenses. Any donation you can make will help fill this gap!

If you wish to participate in the Angel Program, please click for the form below and mail with your contribution. Northland Players, Inc. is a non-profit corporation and your gift is tax-detectable.

Angel Donation Form

Our 2023 Angels


● Prentiss Brown
● Betty Schaefer
● Sam & Kim Staffan
● Sue Stempky


● Steve & Lisa Brisson
● Cindy Hutchinson
● Jay & Nanette Johnston
● Pat & Jean Linton
● Vince Lumetta/Linda Rogers
● Sherry Nelson
● David Neph
● Betty Schaefer
● William & Diane Schryer
● Mary Schwartz


● Barbara Algenstedt
● Kristen Baggott and Michael O'Brien
● Alice Barron
● Maureen Conklin
● Pat Esther-Schmidt
● Anne Marie Farrell
● Linda Lyon-Szczepanski
● Brett & Katie Mallory
● Marilyn Miller


● Amy Green
● Lois Overton


  • Continental Inn

  • Elliot & Sangster

  • Johnston Metal Work, Inc.

  • North Straits Animal Clinic

  • Water’s Edge Dentistry

  • Williams Office Supply